Flawless AI

visual dubbing supervisor

Orgasm Inc: The Story of OneTaste (2022)

assistant editor

Go With God But Go (2022)


Go With God But Go

Whistle in the Outer Lands (2021)


Whistle in the Outer Lands

Lily Topples the World (2021)

assistant editor

Apple Music Exclusive Documentary - Behind Scriptonite’s 2004 (2020)

assistant editor

The Last Thing Mary Saw (2021)

assistant editor

Obama: In Pursuit of a More Perfect Union (2021)

assistant editor

The Man Who Made 12,000 Polaroid SX-70 Portraits in 1976 (2019)

producer, editor

12000 Photographs

The Jackson Bollocks (2019)

director, editor

Jackson Bollocks

Finding Your Roots (2019)

assistant editor

Finding Your Roots

The Great Pretender (2018)

DIT / assistant editor

The Great Pretender

Relationships Are Like Eggplants (2017)


Relationships are Like Eggplants

Ridgewood Chocolate (2017)

producer, editor

Ridgewood Chocolate

Night School (2017)

assistant editor

Night School

Family Camp (2016)

director, editor

Family Camp

Jack’s Apocalypse (2015)

production design

Jack’s Apocalypse

Burning Boy (2015)

assistant director, production design

Burning Boy

The Magic Soup (2014)


The Magic Soup

History of Kindness (2013)