Ridgewood Chocolate

QNS interviewed me after we had a screening at Topos Bookstore in Ridgewood. Here’s the article, written by the reporter Anthony Giudice.

I moved to Ridgewood, Queens in June 2017 and was delighted to stumble upon this small shop that makes their own chocolate.

Actual chocolate tastes so much different that the stuff you buy over the counter which is filled with additives like soy lecithin and vanilla, that spoil the taste of real chocolate.

To make the film happen, I had to enlist some help. I asked my friend Andrew Alvarez to shoot and helped edit the short. Then J.A Strub, a buddy of mine from Macaulay Honors College, contributed original music - a cool, delightful, twangy, Ridgewood piece. Finally, Topos Bookstore helped put it all together and have us present the film to an audience of filmmakers, friends and neighbors.

It was good to make something short and sweet.