Relationships are Like Eggplants

Relationships are Like Eggplants originally came out of a tweet I wrote one day:

Relationships are like shoes - it’s hard to find ones that fit and don’t give you life long traumas like bunions.

A few days later I came up with another one- relationships are like batteries. Sometimes they run out and you have no choice but to find new ones.

And a few weeks later - while staring into blank space during some eggplant preparation (overflow from the CSA) I came up with this one.

Relationships are like eggplants - they take a long time to drain but once you dump the bitter water out, they’re sweet again, ready to be relished and forgotten.

Which felt like the right project to work on.

I mean, it is still kind of ironic because relationships are not like eggplants - pretty much not at all. You know, because practically speaking eggplants are a vegetable while relationships are complex connections between another person’s mind and your own mind, formed by hundreds of neurons that connect to your endocrine system to regulate how you feel.

But still, there’s something always to be said… that after the demise of a relationship, there’s a chance for things to work out again. And this time, it was that relationships are like eggplants.